March In Montana Art Auction

I stopped by the TownHouse Inn in Great Falls this afternoon and, believe me, it was hopping! It is preview time for their annual auction, and a dealer show was also getting set up.

March In Montana’s art auctions will happen at the TownHouse Inn this Friday and Saturday at 12:30 pm. Admission is free, although there is a $25 fee if you want to purchase their catalog. There are 740 pieces of art from more than 350 different artists that will be on the auction block during the two day sale!

Some of the artists’ names are huge. March In Montana is a major player during Western Art Week in Great Falls. They didn’t have the largest gross sales last year but they were second in line for that honor.

You almost have to pace yourself to take in all of the art shows this week but I’ve managed to see one…on to the rest!

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