Lewistown’s Historic Calvert Hotel

I recently toured The Historic Calvert Hotel in Lewistown, Montana.

Rooms in this former school dormitory have recently been remodeled and when I was there the owner was laying tile (beautiful tile I might add) in the lower level that will become a restaurant and lounge. In fact, the tile work in the restrooms in the lower lever was so stunning I took photos of that too!

The hotel entrance was inviting with hanging flowers and brick steps. The original building was not built with elaborate design but it has been renovated to reflect the historic era and also the luxury many travelers want today. I really liked the old transoms over the doors in the sleeping rooms.

Renovated sleeping rooms at The Calvert have been available for almost a year and the owner predicted that the restaurant and lounge (beer & wine) would open the first of October.

There is an interior courtyard that is covered so it will create great ambiance year round. If my mental notes are correct, the original courtyard separated the boys and girls dorms when the structure was first built.

It’s great to see an older building like the Calvert restored, better yet, restored to great elegance. Check it out the next time you are in central Montana.


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