Let’s Talk Food

It’s late afternoon at Rocking Z Guest Ranch near Wolf Creek, MT. There’s a fairly good sized group of guests and I suspect they, like me, are all thinking about the next meal. OK…maybe I’m the only one thinking that!

Maria is in the kitchen of the lodge, busy with food prep. There are a LOT of potatoes to peel and dice, salad to prepare, steaks to organize, etc. And, she seems to do this with a huge smile.

Tonight dinner will be cooked Dutch oven style and the steaks will be grilled. There is a great socializing area behind the lodge, a built-in rock ledge seat and the grill and Dutch oven location are in an area protected from wind and out of the way of guests.

My plan was first, to take a photo of the Dutch ovens and Maria (photo at left), then to take a photo of the final product on my plate. Well, the final product on my plate got to my tummy before the camera clicked. Oh dear, I guess I was hungry.

Dinner was delicious.

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