James Kipp Recreation Area

My first thought today is about the incredible diversity of geography in northcentral Montana.

Our past few travels have either crossed the Missouri River or been on the Missouri River. If you launch a raft on the Missouri between Great Falls and Helena, the water is vastly different from what we saw today at James Kipp Recreation Area.

As we have driven on highways close to the river we have been heading downstream. The river current has slowed to about 3.5 miles per hour, perfect for an easy going canoe trip. At Kipp, we took a break from driving and read the interpretive panels at the campground.

From mid September to early October there is an area on the north side of the Missouri here called Slippery Ann and you can watch and listen to the elk bugling. Sounds like a symphony warming up!

A brief geography lesson reminds me that from Fort Benton to Kipp Recreation Area the Missouri travels 149 miles. This stretch of the river has a Wild & Scenic designation and the river and the adjacent lands are part of the Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument. Most of the land has been used for farming and ranching and continues that way today. Landscapes are vast in this part of our tourism region.

Stay tuned – we plan to ride the Charlie Russell Chew Choo in Lewistown this weekend!

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