It Was A Great Ride

As we left the pack trip riders from 7 Lazy P’s upper ranch and turned back, I felt sad. They would have great memories of the Bob Marshall Wilderness and they would get to see the Chinese Wall. I would have memories of a very fun ride and amazing scenery, although it was just for one day.

After a very relaxing late lunch, Laura, the wrangler who would lead us back, said we had better get started. She kept turning back to look towards the mountains we were riding away from and I finally realized a storm was potentially moving our way. Yup, the pace picked up a bit and we didn’t take any breaks! I’d like to say we rode in to the corrals just before the rain started but I can’t! What’s a little rain anyway?

As we dismounted and said goodbye to our horses I looked around the upper ranch. An old wagon with beautiful flowers, a wagon wheel covered with vine, and well-constructed log cabins left an impression on me (and my camera).

It was a great day on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front.

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