Havre, MT Has A New Baby

Yes, you read that title correctly!

The new baby in Havre is actually a cast of a very old baby and can be viewed at the H. Earl Clack Museum located on US Hwy 2 in Havre’s Holiday Village Mall.

The infant Maiasaura cast is one of several dinosaur displays at the Clack Museum which is on Montana’s Dinosaur Trail.

Visitors to the Clack will also see 75 million year old dinosaur eggs and embryos. Another great feature for kids, adults too, is the hand-on exhibit where you can actually touch fossils.

A drive on US Hwy 2 will take travelers past several dinosaur attractions. Chinook, just 20 minutes east of Havre, also has a significant dinosaur display at the Blaine County Museum located right on Main Street. Both museums are open year ’round. Check out these museums and several more at




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