Great Way to Learn History

What a better way to discover and learn history than to go touring! Recently, a group of eighth grade students from Whitefish, MT did a loop through the state to focus on our Montana history.

They stopped at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park near Ulm which is about 20 minutes from Great Falls. It’s an easy drive on I-15, then you take the Ulm exit and drive about 3.5 miles on a paved road.

The terrain is open in this area so you see some very prominent landmarks – square butte is the first one you notice and it’s a great photo op. The photo at left shows a beautiful background of square butte with the group standing on the shale-like outcropping on top of the buffalo jump.

I like to stop at the visitor/education center located at the base of the jump first. Interpreters there will tell you the story of how early Plains Indian tribes used the jump to harvest buffalo before the days of horses and firearms.

This photo shows some of the group trying a traditional native game. That’s a good way to use some energy saved while riding the bus!

First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park is an easy 20 minute drive from Great Falls. Just take I-15 south to the Ulm exit, then follow the signs to the park for the next 3.5 miles (all paved).

There is summer programming at the park too. Give them a call for the schedule at 406-866-2217.

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