Great Teepee Photo at First Peoples Buffalo Jump

When I was at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park near Ulm Saturday, it wasn’t the best time of day for photos but I still managed a couple of good shots. A dramatic Montana Big Sky and lots of green really form the perfect backdrop for the teepee.

This teepee photo shows the buffalo jump in the background. The teepee, also spelled tipi, is one of two set up at the park. Obviously, they are great photo ops but they also tell a good story of the nomadic Plains Indian tribes who used this jump to harvest their provisions.

Many tribes came to this site. Inside the interpretive/visitor center you can learn about the different Indian nations and their locations in Montana.

Usage of this site was before horses and firearms were introduced to the tribes so the harvesting method of stampeding buffalo herds over the cliff was the main hunt method.

The story is told well in the visitor center. Stop by First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park. It’s easily accessible off I-15, a beautiful setting and I’m sure you’ll find the story fascinating.

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