Great Falls’ Tenth Street Bridge

What once was a Great Falls, MT bridge that was taken for granted has now become a sight to behold!

During this past holiday season it seemed like I was out more after dark, yes, doing shopping, and I had a chance to see these blue lights several times. I’ll be honest, I didn’t take this photo. I have tried to shoot photos of the bridge when the blue lights are on and they turn out just OK. This is a stunning photo!

Named the Tenth Street Bridge, it was built in 1920 out of concrete and has 8 arched spans. When it was built, it was a major connection bringing commerce across the river, both north and south. The bridge has 8 spans and is technically termed an open-spandrel arch bridge.

In the mid 1990s a new bridge was built along side the arched bridge, and cleverly named the 9th Street Bridge (aren’t we creative with names!). The old bridge wasn’t considered safe for vehicle traffic and a demo contract was awarded. An effort began to save the old bridge because of it’s historic significance. The Save The Bridge committee was successful and they were able to buy out the demo contract and begin restoration work.

The blue lights illuminate the bridge every Friday and Saturday nights. You can also pay to have the bridge lights on in honor of a special occasion and I’m sure many of the “holiday sightings” I viewed were because of that.

I never tire of seeing the illuminated bridge and I promise to keep trying to take photos of this spectacle.

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