Great Airport in Great Falls

I had a meeting at the Great Falls International Airport the other day and my camera was handy. As many times as I’ve been in that airport, I never thought to take some pictures.

The airport was recently remodeled, partly for design features, partly for security features. The design fits Montana well. When you first walk in to the street level you see stunning tile work on the floor depicting area rivers. In reality, the rivers flow together and that’s exactly what they do at the airport. It’s subtle and well done and at the same time details history and geography of the area.

This photo is from the upstairs meeting room looking down at the second floor where flights are boarded. The spiral staircase leading to the meeting room has laser-cut copper sides with a really pretty design.

I’ve been in the upstairs meeting/banquet rooms (third floor) for evening receptions and you get a beautiful panoramic view of the city lights of Great Falls. Sorry, no photo of that, but it would be a good one!

This photo shows a huge mural painted by Robert Orduno featuring a Lewis and Clark theme. It’s prominently featured and you can’t help but see it as you ride the escalators to the main floor.

A couple other interesting displays to see include a collection of animal mounts taken by a local Great Falls hunter and a huge collection of toy airplanes.

Next time you are at the Great Falls International Airport take some time to explore!

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