Final Scarecrow Photos

It’s fun doing a blog when you have a ton of photos to share! Let’s keep looking at all of the scarecrows from Stanford MT’s Scarecrow Festival.

Here’s a scarecrow witch done by, of all places, the local beauty shop!






Well, if the beauty shop does a scarecrow it’s only fair that the local barber shop does one too! This guy looks like he could use a haircut or possibly something to make his hair (straw) a bit more manageable. He was a very tall dude, almost as tall as the barber shop’s windows.






 The Judith Ranger District of the Lewis & Clark National Forest even got in to the spirit of the Scarecrow Festival! You may think this is the district ranger but it is really Smoky Bear looking toward the forest. Well, he’s watching over main street. Clever entry.






We dubbed this entry The Pump Bar “Angel”. The breeze was keeping her wings flappin’ and she was catching a lot of attention.

I’m not sure who had more fun at Stanford’s Scarecrow Festival – visitors from out of town or the people who made the scarecrow entries. All in all, it was a fun time in central Montana and we can truly say that Stanford lived up to our state’s tourism brand of being a small, charming town.



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