Ever Tasted Frybread?

When I was in Chester, Montana (on US Hwy 2) the other day I was looking for a mid-afternoon sweet snack. Spud’s Cafe was the recommendation I was given so I off I went in search of a goodie.

After looking at an extensive menu I decided on frybread. Frybread is, well, fried bread dough! Sometimes people eat it with honey, sometimes with cinnamon and sugar.

The waitress took my order and, in no time at all, there was a delicious piece of fresh, hot frybread and a small cup of honey on the table.

Mmmmm, it was wonderfully delicious.

Years ago frybread was made by our nomadic Plains Indian tribes. You can still find it at Farmers Markets, fairs and pow wows but I’m always excited to see it on a cafe menu.

I’ll be back to Spud’s Cafe for more of their frybread!

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