Driving With Dixie – Final Day

Hi everyone. We made it! We have completed the Montana Dinosaur Trail! It was great.

A quick glance back at our trip – two grandmas (young grandmas!) and three grandsons, one van and a lot of miles.

We traveled from southeast Montana to northeast Montana, then followed US Hwy 2 from Glasgow, almost to the junction of US Hwy 2 and US Hwy 89. We worked our way south along the Rocky Mountain Front, then traveled to Harlowton, near the center of the state. Our last trek was to Bozeman.

At the beginning of our trip we purchased Montana Dinosaur Trail passports (available at any of our dino facilities) and at each location we visited we had an official “passport stamp”. Each museum has their own unique stamp so,what a collection we have.

The weather was perfect! The motels had our rooms ready, gas prices were moderate, the pools were welcoming and the dinosaurs were awesome in each facility.

Debbie and I have blogged each day. Sending photos has been a little challenging but we’ve managed to have quite a few posted.

Creating memories, well, those are permanently posted in young and old alike. Priceless.

Wishing you great times along the Montana Dinosaur Trail…Dixie, Debbie and grandsons


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