Dino Road Trip – Driving With Dixie

A couple of gals (grandmas) from northeast Montana plan to treat their grandkids to a road trip to visit as many stops along Montana’s Dinosaur Trail as they can.

They’ll be doing daily updates as they travel along the trail. We’ve dubbed their trip “Driving’ With Dixie” since Grandma Dixie was the lead organizer for this great road trip.

Dixie, her sister and a several grandkids plan to start their trek in southeast Montana, Ekalaka to be specific.Their first dinosaur visit will be at the Carter County Museum in Ekalaka.


The group plans to work their way to central Montana, then further north until they reach US Hwy 2. After that they’ll point their wheels west until they approach the Rocky Mountains where they’ll start south on US Hwy 89.

We hope they’ll shoot some fun pics – we’ll post them as we receive them along with their comments as they travel along the trail.

Stay tuned. Dixie is almost ready to start this adventure.

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