Conrad’s Theater is Beautiful

Conrad’s Orpheum Theater is such a treat. It took several years to complete the restoration work but it was worth the wait.

The Celtic concert I attended last Monday night at the theater was titled “Men of Worth”, (not sure what that’s about!). After our wonderful Irish dinner at Joe’s Steakhouse, I had a few extra minutes so I scurried in and took some photos inside the theater of one of the performers tuning instruments. They had guitars, 8 string sitar-like instruments, 10 string instruments, a banjo, mandolin, mini squeezebox and two round open-bottom drums.

There were two performers that made up this group and one was from Ireland, one from Scotland. They now live in the United States but there was a noticeable and delightful accent in their on-stage banter. And, banter they did! During intermission I wandered up to their CD table and yes, I now have tunes for my car.


As we left the theater to drive back to Great Falls, I had to stop for one last photo. I actually took about six photos of the Orpheum neon sign lit at night.

If you get to Conrad, I have a couple more recommendations…yes, one involves food! Right next to the Orpheum Theater is Olson’s Drug with an old-time soda fountain. Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy a fun drink.

And, the Conrad Transportation and Historical Museum won’t disappoint you either. It’s housed in a former car dealership so the focus on transportation fits well. You’ll have another stroll through memories as you look at this community’s history.



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