Checking Out The History Museum

Today I had a meeting at Great Falls’ History Museum. It was a great opportunity to tour the museum and check out some of their updated displays.

The History Museum building was originally built as an implement dealership. The back of the building has an old freight elevator and some pretty impressive loading docks. To honor their beginning, an old tractor is displayed next to the freight elevator.

The street where The History Museum is located is referred to locally as Machinery Row. Years ago, this was THE location for implement dealers, hence the name. Today, a local tavern nearby has adopted the Machinery Row name.

After life as an implement dealership, the building became known for the Ozark Club.

An amazing jazz club, a couple of other shady activities, and some very notable performers rounded out this era. Photos and memorabilia are displayed around the Ozark Club area from past performances.

The History Museum does an annual fundraiser called The Ozark Club with some well known jazz musicians booked. I’ve attended two of these fundraisers and they are definitely a treat.


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