Art In Action

This morning The Russell:The Sale to Benefit the C. M. Russell Museum sponsored Art in Action at the Meadowlark Country Club in Great Falls. The event kicked off with a brunch and mimosas. Entertainment was provided by Eric “Fingers” Ray while attendees mingled and enjoyed visiting.

A total of 26 artists worked on their art as people visited with them, asked questions and looked over their shoulders. All of the artists seemed to enjoy the chance to discuss what they were working on.

The artists worked for 2 1/2 hours. Most had begun their art pieces and did the finishing touches while the crowd hovered. A couple artists asked me for advice…actually, I think they asked everybody for advice. One artist was putting in background color and talked about the effects of the small amount of red color he had placed on one cowboy’s clothing. I thought it looked great and I told him that!

Carol Hagan, a Montana artist, did a super-bright moose oil painting. I watched as she used a small blade (what I would call a pallet knife) to put finishing touches on the beautiful and unique painting. Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey used a similar theme doing a very bright bear. The bidding crowd loved both of these paintings.

All of the artists donated 100% of their work (including frames) to the C. M. Russell Museum in Great Falls. Every time a bid stalled, auctioneer Carson Thomas reminded the crowd that all proceeds were going for a very good cause. The crowd would respond enthusiastically.

This was one more very fun event during the week when Great Falls, Montana is billed as the Art Capital of the World.

More to come!





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