Art in Action – Round Two!

I took so many fun photos at today’s Art in Action sponsored by the C. M. Russell Museum.

Here’s a great photo of Stanford, MT sculptor Steve Lillegard working on his clay model that will become a bronze. I believe he said he will cast 25 of this piece. I’ve actually watched Steve do what he terms a “live pour” outside his studio in Stanford. If you are passing by on US Hwy 87, you’ll see Steve’s studio from the highway. He has done a variety of work and I’ve seen several where he has used his daughters as models. One of my favorite bronzes of Steve’s is near a labyrinth in Frank Day park in Lewistown, MT.

This sculpture is a bucking bronco ejecting it’s rider. Steve titled it “The Beginning of a Long Walk Home”!

I also caught Cascade, MT area artist Tom Gilleon hard at work. Tom is known for his stunning teepees and he didn’t disappoint today. His paintings have been termed stark and dramatic and they use simplicity to portray the subject matter. Most of his teepees have featured Plains Indian culture.

I could have watched these artists work all day! And, they all seemed to be enjoying the crowd mingling around their easels.


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