An Awesome 50’s Diner

Hungry again? Yup, and we stopped in at Wolfer’s Diner in downtown Havre to take care of that.

It was just a bit after noon and we needed to be at the Amtrak depot in about an hour to catch the eastbound train that leaves Havre at 1:32pm. I told our waiter our schedule and he said it wouldn’t be a problem. We were just a block and half away from the depot but sometimes a lunch crowd can delay things.

The decor in Wofler’s is a walk down memory lane – booths are labeled Hot Rod Place, Gasoline Alley…you get the picture. Corrugated aluminum wainscotting and black and white photos of 50’s pop icons decorate the walls.

While Wolfer’s has an extensive soup, salad and sandwich menu, in my opinion, this is the place to order a burger and fries. Our group ordered a good mix of burgers – cheeseburgers, mushroom burgers and bleu cheese and onion burgers. Most of us topped that off with fries, one chose onion rings. One more trip down memory lane was when someone ordered a cherry coke (made the old-fashioned way).

Some of us took photos as soon as our food arrived. Obviously, I dug right in and only have the view where our plates are pretty much empty!

A local guy came in that I knew and we asked him to take this photo of our group. He commented that he needed a Wolfer’s burger and fries at least once a week!

To summarize our visit to Wolfer’s Diner, our food was awesome and the service was stellar!

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