All Day Trail Ride at 7 Lazy P

Throughout our all-day ride we took breaks to stretch our legs and also to get some stunning photos. It was fun to scan the horizon, pick out area landmarksĀ and see where we had been riding. The views were so amazing – you’d need several panoramic shots to capture it all.

For those who know the geography of the area, you can see Eureka Reservoir in the distance in this photo. Because of all the rain this year the reservoir was more than full, just spilling over its banks in some areas. It’s a well-used fishery by many locals and we drove by it on our way to the ranch.




Each time we took a riding break we tied our horses up in the trees. I couldn’t resist thinking that we looked like outlaws in the forest. OK, you had to be there, but it made a great photo op.

Speaking of horses, Black Hawk and I really did hit it off. It was a great match for horse and rider.

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