A Visit to Circle Bar Ranch

I’ve been fortunate to visit several of our amazing guest ranches this past summer and I was just at Circle Bar Guest Ranch near Utica. It did rain while I was there but I’m not going to complain about the rain!

As you enter the main lodge of the Circle Bar there is a massive double-sided fireplace, a dining area and sitting area. The lodge also has a suite of sleeping rooms accessed from the inside which is great for a family. A few trophy mounts and artwork decorate the dining and sitting areas.

About four more sleeping units are attached to the lodge and they have outside entrances.

Individual log cabins are spread around the property and they have a nice old-time feel. There is one cabin that is used as a recreation room and also an outdoor swimming pool.

I’ve stayed in all of the different accommodations at the Circle Bar and I like them all!

My most favorite part of the ranch is the barn.

From the outside it doesn’t look that big but when you step inside you realize it has a lot of capacity. But wait, the coolest part of the barn is upstairs in what I call a monster-sized hayloft. I think this part has about the same square footage as the main level and the ceiling is super-high.

I’ve square danced, round danced, waltzed and played volleyball in this barn and now I had to learn that they will no longer be able to do dances here.

What a bummer. It’s because of insurance reasons and I do understand. Some of us were just lucky enough to have enjoyed it!


The lower level of the barn has everything you would need for riding – saddles, bridles and associated tack, cowboy hats and boots.

Just outside the barn is a riding arena which is great for teaching novice riders and helping others get comfortable on their horse.


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