A Paint Around

I attended the Western Heritage Artists “Paint Around” last night at the Holiday Inn in Great Falls, MT and that was the first time I had ever heard of an event like that.

Fourteen artists participated in the event where each artist worked for 10 minutes on a painting, then a bell would sound and they would advance to the next painting and work on it.

This photo is Dave Dube painting, dressed in French theme, complete with a fake moustache and goatee. This landscape painting is drastically different from what Dave would typically do so it was fun to see him working on it. Of course, his French decor added to the fun!

The fourteen artists were separated into two groups so each painting ended up having seven different artists contributing to the completed work.

Here’s another artist working on a buffalo. Each easel had a photo of what the painting should ultimately look like. There was quite a variety of paintings which were then auctioned to the enthusiastic crowd. Attendees could walk around the artists and look over their shoulders as they were working.

It was a fun, up close and personal event where the artists’ personalities really came out. Congrats Western Heritage Artists for coming up with a new and different event!

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