A Decision Made Correctly

Over 200 years ago the Lewis & Clark Expedition traveled up the mighty Missouri River. When they approached the confluence of the Marias and Missouri Rivers, directions weren’t so clear. Some members of the expedition felt the Marias was the right river to take, others said the Missouri was the main river. A wrong decision would delay the group and use critical time.


Today it’s easy to view Decision Point from an overlook with walking trails and interpretive signage. Besides being a great scenic view, it’s an important location in United States history.

To get to the overlook from Great Falls take US Hwy 87 northeast. About 55 miles from Great Falls is the small town of Loma. Turn right just before you cross the river (there is a BLM marker) and go about 1 mile on a gravel road.


You’ll see the sign for the overlook as you crest the hill. Interpretive panels in the parking area give some of us a brush-up history lesson. A short walk takes you to the overlook. I was glad I had my camera to capture some of the scenic vistas. The day was calm, clear and sunny. I believe I’ve said this before but, I doesn’t get much better than this.


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