figure 8 motorcycle ride

Approx. Distance: 241-316 miles
Approx. Ride Time: 5 hours 37 minutes to 8 hours 20 minutes

Grab your map for these off-the-beaten-path paved highways! Leave Great Falls on I-15 North, exit at Vaughn, take MT 200, then US 89 to Fairfield. From Fairfield take MT 431 to Power, then I-15 to Dutton, exit at Dutton and take MT 221 to Choteau. Ride US 89 to the Pendroy turn and take MT 219 to Conrad. Folklore, located on Conrad’s Main Street, brews some great coffee and if you can step away from the counter without a brownie or pastry you have a lot of willpower! Get back on I-15 and ride to MT 44, then turn west and ride through Valier, past Lake Frances and to the junction of MT 44 and US 89. You can reverse the route to return to Great Falls or take US 89 back. This route takes you past Central Montana’s “inland lighthouse” near Valier, Lake Frances and also some diverse farming. Valier also has a very nice campground on the west edge of town and on the shore of Lake Frances. You’ll drive by wheat, barley, canola, lentils and more. These small towns offer great opportunities to visit with the locals at a cafe or pub so take a break and enjoy the relaxed pace.