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Learn about crops with this informative app as you travel throughout Central Montana. Download the InFARMation app to take advantage of the following features!

Crop Photos

Learn to identify crops by sight with photos that you can compare to the actual crops as you drive by.

General Facts

Learn a variety of things about a crop from size and color to depth of planting and amount of water needed to grow.


Get details of how the crop is consumed or used throughout the world, but also specifically in Montana.

Growing Season

Expand your knowledge on how long you will see this crop growing during a year in Montana.


Learn how much of each crop is grown in Montana.

Participating Growers

See a list of farmers that are helping to promote knowledge about crops.


The map pin points where crop signs have been placed and which farmers are participating.


We value your feedback. Help us make the InFARMation App better with future updates by sharing your comments, issues and suggestions.

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