Galata Montana

Elevation: 3,195 County: Toole

Galata began as a pipe dream of the Great Northern Railroad's immigration officer David McGinnis, who fell in love with area. The town lasted for a few years as a depot for the far flung ranches but eventually it dwindled and McGinnis moved to Kalispell. One day he was surprised to receive a check in the mail. It was marked "back rent," and was from a cowhand who had moved into the deserted Galata store and had done a good business with dryland farmers who were then settling on the old-time open range. By 1910 Galata had four lumberyards and five stores. (from Cheney's Names on the Face of Montana, Mountain Press Publishing Company)

Today, visitors to the Galata area can enjoy the fifty miles of shoreline on Lake Elwell. The nearby lake is a draw for anglers hoping to catch Walleye, Pike, trout, Ling, and Perch. Boaters, swimmers, and campers also enjoy Lake Elwell during the summer.

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