My First Visit to the MT Winter Fair

It’s hard to believe that the Montana Winter Fair has been around for 67 years and I just attended it for the first time! The Montana Winter Fair began in Bozeman and has been in Lewistown since 2003. I asked one of the organizers what the primary event was and she said there were many, many events. I had to experience the fair to understand just how many activities they did have. The drive to Lewistown was … Read more

Good Fresh Food at Penny’s Gourmet

Today I had a noon meeting at Penny’s Gourmet to Go in downtown Great Falls, MT. I’ve managed to get in a bit of a habit when I go to Penny’s because I always, yes always, have one of her homemade soups. And, to continue the “always” haves, I have her homemade bread. It is simply my favorite fresh baked bread! Penny’s restaurant was started as more of a deli featuring “to go” foods with just a … Read more

Riding The Rails Through Montana

This week I met several travelers on Amtrak in Havre and spent a few days touring the area with them. They had been in northwestern Montana and I was ready to show them around northcentral Montana. First of all, I was a bit over eager in planning our itinerary. The eastbound train was scheduled to arrive in Havre at 1:15 pm but it was a couple hours late. That isn’t bad but I had lots of … Read more

Fort Benton’s Charm Trail

I was definitely charmed! A couple of weeks ago I was in Fort Benton”, MT and had a fun time exploring their Charm Trail. It was developed to encourage visitors to the community to check out businesses all around town. The Charm Trail began mostly with businesses on Front Street which runs along the pedestrian friendly levee, and has expanded to cover the town. There are Charm Trail Maps listing the 66 participating businesses and … Read more