Oh Yeah, I’m A Cowgirl

I have decided that deep inside me there is a cowgirl just waiting to get out! First of all, I have boots. Yes, I do. Not fancy boots, just good functional cowgirl boots. The fact that I probably only wear them a couple times a year does not matter. And the hat. Yes, I have that too. It’s a straw hat which is perfect since the 2 times a year I wear my boots would … Read more

Freezout Lake Never Disappoints

This spring I wasn’t able to get to Freezout Lake Wildlife Management Area between Fairfield and Choteau to watch the annual snow goose migration. During the migration the sky literally goes dark when lift-off occurs. And the bird chatter is amazingly loud. Freezout is located along the east slope of the Rockies. As winds come over the mountains, the birds have some amazing updrafts while they cruise to their spring homes. The wildlife management area is … Read more

A Visit To A Local Brewery

Bowser’s Brewing, located on the corner of 19th Street and 10th Avenue South in Great Falls, gave me a great tour today. I started my tour with owner, Evan Bowser, telling me that many years ago today (December 5, 1933) the 21st amendment was repealed. That was the amendment establishing prohibition in the US making alcohol illegal. I had been to Bowser’s a few times before but it had changed. The seating area of the brewery looked larger and … Read more