Driving With Dixie – First Day

Here’s our first on-the-road blog from Dixie! Wow! What a trip! We started out from Billings about 8am and the five of us drove to Ekalaka arriving around 12:30pm. The Carter County Museum was CLOSED. Boy, did my heart go down to my belly. But, as we inspected further, it would reopen at 1pm and what a lovely surprise – the restaurant where we stopped for lunch was awesome!   We spent about 1 1/2 … Read more

Driving With Dixie – The Prelude

In just a couple of days, two grandmas from northeastern Montana will take three grandkids on a tour of the Montana Dinosaur Trail. There are 15 attractions on the trail and we anticipate they will cover about 925 miles from Ekalaka to Bozeman. This doesn’t count getting the group to Ekalaka or getting back to northeastern Montana from Bozeman. Here’s Grandma Dixie and she has agreed to post daily blogs, also some photos of the group as they … Read more

Its Happening in Harlo

Ya gotta get the lingo right and talk like the locals…Harlo is short for Harlowton”, Montana and that’s our next stop. When you drive in to Harlo, you can’t miss the electric train engine known as the E57B. It made its last voyage in June 1974 when the Milwaukee Road ended their 656 mile electrified route. The Upper Musselshell Museum has two locations on Main Street and we visited both. One houses the Avaceratops Lammersi … Read more

Checking Out Lewistown

Our day in Lewistown”, Montana started with an early lunch, interrupted only with a quick break to step outside and view a parade down Main Street. Lewistown is known as the City of Stone because of all the Croatian stone masons who settled here. Everywhere you look, both residential and commercial, you will see amazing architecture. The Central Montana Museum, located adjacent to the Lewistown Chamber of Commerce, gave us some tidbits about the area’s … Read more