Soft Evening Light – Pretty Photo

I love sunsets but because backgrounds are fairly dark they really don’t show that well in photos. I always say – you have to be there to really appreciate sunsets. But, some soft evening light can really make a difference in an OK photo and a super-pretty one. I was lucky the other evening and took several photos capturing the cliffs along the Upper Missouri River when I had been to Virgelle to ride the … Read more

We Visit Giant Springs State Park

When I say “we” visit Giant Springs State Park it means that I and about 40 people on a bus went to this highly visited park the other day. Giant Springs is located just east of Great Falls right on the Missouri River. Named for the bubbling freshwater springs, this area was noted by Capt. William Clark (of Lewis & Clark fame). He wrote in his journal “the largest fountain or spring I ever saw”. Giant … Read more

A Hidden Gem on US 89

There is the most amazing little store in a small Montana town called Dupuyer. If you look at your map, Dupuyer is on US Hwy 89 (the highway runs though the middle of Dupuyer). It’s a small town – look north of Choteau and Bynum – or – south of where US Hwys 2 & 89 intersect near Browning. Now, finding the town is half the battle! The store, located on the main street through town, is called … Read more

Rock Formations on the Upper Missouri

If you could only see how many photos I have of my recent trip on the Upper Missouri River through the White Cliffs, you would be impressed! Some are better than others but the landscape is so beautiful, most photos turn out that way too. This amazingly square-looking rock just seemed so imposing, yet it was set back from the water and seemed to just jut upwards from the ground. At first glance it looked like … Read more

White Cliffs of the Missouri

I have SO many photos that I took as our jet boat idled through the spectacular White Cliffs of the Missouri River. To begin with, the day seemed to be a perfect photo op with Montana’s well-known Big Sky and a a few white clouds for special effect. Charlie Russell would have loved this scene! When boat captain Bill Marsik of Missouri Breaks River Co. launched our trip this morning, one of my travel buddies asked about … Read more

Tower Rock State Park

It’s a very small state park but incredibly significant to the Lewis & Clark expedition that viewed it over 200 years ago. The expedition had finally portaged the series of waterfalls near present-day Great Falls. They had expected one waterfall, then encountered five. For those of us who like to travel with a schedule, well, you can only imagine what this did to Lewis & Clark’s plan. In Meriwether Lewis’ journal, he wrote “This rock … Read more

It’s Called Square Butte for a Reason

Wow, take a look at that great scenic background! Our group was getting some geology history as we gazed at the formation known as square butte. I think it looks more “square” or at least flat-topped when viewing it from the south side. We were on the opposite side. To the right of the butte is a former quarry. With all the recent rain in the area we stayed on the road and didn’t drive … Read more

April Showers Bring White Stuff

Yes, white fluffy snow blanketed central Montana early today. The Great Falls area received about 12 inches of spring snow. This photo was taken out my front door about 8am today. Moisture was spotty around the region though. Russell Country’s HiLine communities along US Hwy 2 reported no snow. Last weekend I was doing some spring yard cleanup and I almost put my snow shovel away. I decided not to because it seems like when I do … Read more

Havre’s AmericInn Supporting the Troops

Ruby Christian, who manages Havre’s AmericInn, told me about a great project of their hotel franchise. They recently gathered in Las Vegas and assembled packages for over 300 American troops serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and other bases around the world. It seems like I drive by the AmericInn in Havre a lot but I’ve only stayed there once. They have concrete block construction and if you’ve ever had a not too quiet hotel or motel room, this is a big … Read more

Great Falls’ Tenth Street Bridge

What once was a Great Falls, MT bridge that was taken for granted has now become a sight to behold! During this past holiday season it seemed like I was out more after dark, yes, doing shopping, and I had a chance to see these blue lights several times. I’ll be honest, I didn’t take this photo. I have tried to shoot photos of the bridge when the blue lights are on and they turn … Read more