Lewis & Clark Festival in Great Falls

Each year members of the Portage Route Chapter of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation dress in period clothing at the Lewis & Clark Festival and demonstrate skills that would have been used in the early 1800s. This annual festival is held in Gibson Park, downtown Great Falls, the third weekend of June each year. The Portage Route Chapter is named after the arduous portage the Lewis & Clark Expedition did around the series of waterfalls … Read more

Missouri River Breaks Ferry Crossing

I drove to Winifred the other day and then took the gravel road from town to the McClelland/Stafford Ferry. This ferry crossing is in the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, an area managed by the Bureau of Land Management that stretches along the Upper Missouri for about 149 miles. The ferry name is confusing – some folks say Stafford/McClelland, others McClelland/Stafford. I have decided it is based on whether you live north or south of the river. … Read more

It’s A Cowboy Boot Kind of Day

As one of our large art events approached last March I remembered that attendees typically dress western. As one observer said, Montana casual covers just about any kind of attire but I did notice a lot of cowboy boots at the event. In fact, there were so many, especially on women, that I began to take photos of them. Some were plain, some were out-of-this-world in design and style. Before I snapped any photos I asked … Read more