A Day in the Life of Deep Canyon Guest Ranch

After spending some time at Deep Canyon Guest Ranch west of Choteau, Montana I sat down and thought about the visit. The one thing that kept popping in my mind was that I seemed totally relaxed. I realize that happens on many vacations because we don’t have to be thinking ahead to schedules, grocery lists, laundry etc. This was different though. First of all I became aware of the lack of noise or, what Chuck … Read more

First Peoples Named National Historic Landmark

US Secretary of the Interior and the National Park Service director announced this week that First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park near Ulm, MT has been designated as one of four new National Historic Landmarks. Considering that there are 50 states in the US, Montana is mighty proud to have one of the new National Historic Landmark designations. So,what does it take to get this designation? I’m certain there is a ton of paperwork involved! … Read more

Tall Boys Tavern – fancy BUT NOT FANCY

I stopped at Tall Boys Tavern in Hobson last week to check out this new business. It is more than a tavern, much more, because they are also serving lunches and dinners daily. The name is unique and it comes from the owners’ sons being, well, tall boys! The next thing I found that was unique was their slogan – fancy BUT NOT FANCY. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant but I figured it … Read more