The Square Butte Jail Still Stands

I wouldn’t say the Square Butte jail is going to lock anyone up these days but you can tell it was built to last! On a group tour of the area I was able to “stand behind the bars” of this iconic structure. Way back, think about 1913, the Milwaukee Land Company (yes, the same as the railroad), laid out the streets of the little town of Square Butte. The town was located on the … Read more

First Crop ID Signs Put Up For Crop InFARMation

Let’s just say this project has been a long time dream. Each time a visitor would be traveling with me on roads with crops I’d get asked what was growing in the field. If it was spring and I could see lots of green shoots I’d guess it was winter wheat. If it was blooming yellow I assumed it was either mustard or canola. Fast forward a month or two into the season and I … Read more

Historic Planes – Warbirds Over Great Falls

Think back to 1942. The US was supplying the Soviets with aircraft as part of a strategy to defeat Germany during World War II. The Lend Lease Act (1941) which authorized the plane transfer was actually passed by Congress before the US entered the war, although it was after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The group that flew the planes from Great Falls to Russia was called the 7th Ferrying Group. I had heard of … Read more

Touring Fort Benton’s Reconstructed Old Fort

I was in Fort Benton a week ago and decided to take a guided tour of the Old Fort. I’ve toured the Fort several times but, as our guide noted, it is a work in progress, and they expand their collections and displays as finances allow. To see this reconstructed fort is the best way for me to learn history. My favorite room is the trading post which is stocked with trade goods that look … Read more

It Was A Weekend of Lewis & Clark History

Great Falls hosts the annual Lewis & Clark Festival the third weekend in June each year. Gibson Park (named after the founder of Great Falls) was a perfect location for the festival – lots of shade trees, grass, a bandshell for performers and plenty of room to spread out a variety of activities. The weather this year was perfect – plenty of sunshine but not too hot. I took in the opening ceremonies where the … Read more