Enjoying the Serenity of Lewistown’s Labyrinth

I was in Lewistown, Montana a couple of weeks ago. My day had been one of those where just about every hour I had to be somewhere and I was feeling like I was glued to the clock and hadn’t completed anything. When my last scheduled meeting was over I knew I had 100 miles to go to get home. Still, I decided I could use a de-stress session and I took some time to enjoy the Lewistown Community Labyrinth. I’m always … Read more

Weaver Quarter Horse Production Sale

When a friend gave me a personal invitation and a catalog about the Weaver Quarter Horse 19th Annual Production Sale I decided I should put it on my schedule. The event was held this past Saturday in the Livestock Building at Montana Expo Park in Great Falls. When I arrived I decided to wander around a bit. I didn’t take me long to realize that I could have just sat and watched the colts for hours before … Read more

Learning About the Solar System

The Central Montana Astronomy Society pulled out all of the stops (well, all of their scopes) Friday evening to view the sun and later the stars. They always set up in the parking lot of the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center east of Great Falls. It’s far enough away from the lights of Great Falls to avoid the glow of artificial light. And, the Lewis & Clark expedition used celestial readings to guide them on their … Read more

Great Addition to Lewistown’s Trail System

Lewistown recently installed a “trailhead” for their beautiful walking trail system. The trailhead has a jumping fish surrounded by interpretive panels detailing the trails and also the history of Lewistown. It’s magnificent and this photo doesn’t do it justice! Here’s what I learned when I checked out the trailhead. There are two loops that comprise the Lewistown Trail System – the city loop and the airport loop. The city loop is the core of the system and you can … Read more

The Fish Were Biting at Ackley Lake State Park

First of all, a confession. I had never been to Ackley Lake State Park until last night. When you realize it is only 7 miles off the highway from Hobson, MT it’s hard to believe I haven’t gone before. It was about 5:30pm last night when I was almost to Hobson coming home from a day of work in Lewistown. I had recently visited with the new Region 4 State Park manager and made a … Read more

25th Annual Montana Bale Trail A Success

Whether you call it the Montana Bale Trail or the What The Hay, it’s a huge success. And a lot of fun. I enjoy both aspects of the Montana Bale Trail – building an entry and then going on the main day of the event to see what every one else built. What is this event? Twenty five years ago two ranchers in the Hobson-Utica area started it. One put up a corny bale spoofing … Read more

Following the EarthCache Trail on the Upper Missouri River

When the Bureau of Land Management’s Missouri Breaks Interpretive Center in Fort Benton, Montana came up with the idea of earthcaching I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I had heard of “geocaching”, hadn’t ever tried it, but at least that term was familiar. Earthcaching was something new for me. I planned to do some studying on earthcaching before I tried doing it but that just didn’t happen. However, the BLM had some nice handouts explaining it. … Read more