Ever Tasted Frybread?

When I was in Chester, Montana (on US Hwy 2) the other day I was looking for a mid-afternoon sweet snack. Spud’s Cafe was the recommendation I was given so I off I went in search of a goodie. After looking at an extensive menu I decided on frybread. Frybread is, well, fried bread dough! Sometimes people eat it with honey, sometimes with cinnamon and sugar. The waitress took my order and, in no time … Read more

Conversation With A Train Robber

As I roam around Central Montana I meet a lot of folks in many different occupations. I can now add Train Robber to the list! Following is a snippet of the conversation I recently had with a fellow who has robbed trains routinely for quite a few years. Me: so, Bud (full name withheld to protect the not so innocent), how many trains do you think you have robbed? Bud: gosh, I’d have to sit down … Read more

It is Appropriately Called Awesome Autos Etc. Museum

Last week I was in Chester, Montana for a meeting. After the meeting and lunch we stopped in at a place called Awesome Autos Etc. Museum. Located right on US Hwy 2 across from Chester’s Lions Park, Awesome Autos was easy to find. The neat and tidy looking metal building holds an absolute treasure of vintage and not-so-vintage automobiles along with some former business signs that will bring back memories. I wasn’t sure what to expect … Read more

New Coffee Shop In Conrad

I happened to be in Conrad, MT last Saturday and found out the day before that a new coffee shop had opened on Main Street. Plans began formulating in my mind about how I should time my visit. Did I want to get my first cup o’ joe there or an early afternoon cup of tea? A homemade pastry for breakfast or a yummy brownie for an afternoon treat? Decisions! Decisions! Since I had another commitment … Read more

The Delight of a Small Town Parade, Dupuyer, MT

I pointed my wheels north this past Saturday for Dupuyer’s annual Grizzly Day. I’ve been to the event once before and had a great time. Ditto for this last Saturday. The parade was scheduled to start at 11am. Parade watchers lined both sides of the main street of Dupuyer which is US Hwy 89. A few vehicles traveling the highway slowed down and looked to see what was going on. Some stopped, some continued driving. … Read more