What I Learned At The Horse Races

I don’t want to disappont anyone with my still-limited knowledge of horse racing. But, I managed to learn a little this weekend at the races sponsored by the Great Falls Turf Club. Probably the most important thing is, it’s all a game of chance, no matter how much you weigh the odds! Horse racing had been absent in Great Falls for three years until last summer when members of the Turf Club worked to get back on … Read more

4th Annual Red Ants Pants Music Festival A Success

Meagher County, specifically the Jackson Ranch a couple of miles from White Sulphur Springs, was THE place for great music, friends to gather and good times to be had this past weekend. For the past four years Red Ants Pants clothing company (workwear for women) has organized this amazing music festival. It is best described as a party in a pasture. Let me explain. A huge stage is moved in and set up in the middle of a cow … Read more

The Wall That Heals

Last night I didn’t go to the opening ceremony of The Wall That Heals for a reason – I figured there would be a crowd and I wanted some alone-time at the wall. About 9am this morning I drove to Elks Riverside Park in Great Falls and was rather surprised to see quite a few cars already there. Although, I wouldn’t say it was crowded. Great Falls, Montana is a military town with many retirees … Read more

Birdwatching with Upper Missouri Breaks Audubon Club

For a Saturday morning, I was up and moving fairly early. My electrical power went off around 4:45am, at least that’s when I noticed the clock blinking. I didn’t get up then but it seemed like I looked at the clock almost 30 times between then and 6:15. MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks had partnered with the local Upper Missouri Breaks Audubon Club for an escorted birdwatching event at Giant Springs State Park. I always … Read more

Pie Research Continues at Fairfield’s Cozy Corner

Today seemed to be a slow day in the office, or maybe I was just wishing it was. I decided to take a couple hours after lunch and drive to Fairfield, MT and do some pie research. Fairfield is a small town about 36 miles from Great Falls. The town has about 700 people, many involved in agriculture. This community proudly states they are the Malting Barley Capital of the World. And, believe me, there is a … Read more

Rafting the Missouri River

During the month of June it seems like we had nothing but rain in Central Montana. We don’t usually complain about moisture but I was eager for summer-like weather. By the end of the month everything changed and now it seems like we have hit our summer high temps big-time. My answer to that was to cool down with a river trip! We decided to spend about a half day on the Missouri River launching at a location … Read more

Intrigued by Fort Assinniboine near Havre

Fort Assinniboine is located about six miles from Havre on US Hwy 87. Ask a few Montanans if they know about it and you would probably get a mix of comments. The fort sits just a bit off the highway and if you aren’t watching for it you could easily pass it by – until now. Supporters of Fort Assinniboine have recently put up a new, brightly colored sign directing folks where to turn. I’ve been fortunate to tour Fort … Read more

Buffalo Tours on Fort Belknap Indian Reservation

I recently visited Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, located near Harlem, Montana. If you are driving on US Hwy 2 in Central Montana you’ll drive right through the northern part of the reservation. Fort Belknap, established in 1888, is home to the Gros Ventre (pronounced Grovon) and the Assiniboine people. The word Belknap is pronounced with a silent “k” so it sounds like belnap. Quite a few years ago a tribal buffalo herd was established and there are now about … Read more