Model Airplane Collection at Great Falls Airport

When you are at the Great Falls International Airport, whether meeting a plane or flying somewhere, take some time to look at the amazing collection of model airplanes. Bary Poletto started the collection and it is thought to be the largest collection of model commercial airplanes in the world. How many? 883 planes! Two –thirds of the collection is displayed in glass enclosed cases at the Great Falls airport on the second floor. Bary’s first … Read more

Swans and Ducks back in Gibson Park Pond

Today was the day domestic waterfowl were released into Gibson Park Pond in Great Falls. It’s a big deal – and I get just as excited as some of the little kids! Each fall the domestic waterfowl are rounded up by Great Falls Park & Recreation employees and taken to indoor quarters dubbed the Honker Hilton. Pretty nice digs for waterfowl! The swans and ducks have their wings clipped so they don’t migrate or fly long … Read more