My First Visit to the MT Winter Fair

It’s hard to believe that the Montana Winter Fair has been around for 67 years and I just attended it for the first time! The Montana Winter Fair began in Bozeman and has been in Lewistown since 2003. I asked one of the organizers what the primary event was and she said there were many, many events. I had to experience the fair to understand just how many activities they did have. The drive to Lewistown was … Read more

The Arts in Montana

If you had any doubt about how arts and culture are doing in Montana you need only spend some time at the 31st Annual Montana Performing Arts Consortium artist showcase held this weekend in Fort Benton. This morning, with a to-go cup of coffee, I pointed my car towards Fort Benton and when I drove up to the elementary school I realized this event was going to be well attended. The format for the artist … Read more

Ledger Art Exhibit Opens

Tonight I went to the opening of a ledger art exhibit titled “Conflict, Courtship, Ceremony, and The Chase. Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art is hosting the exhibition and it’s well worth a visit. Nineteen artists have ledger art displayed and some of them have several pieces. A standing-room-only opening lecture featured presentations by Monte Yellow Bird, Sr., Terrance Guardipee and Alaina Buffalo Spirit. After the presentations Terrance Guardipee explained one of his pieces on display. … Read more