Geraldine’s Home Cafe is A Blue Ribbon Winner

On my visit to Geraldine, Montana last week I stopped in to the brand new Home Cafe. After a fire on Main Street destroyed Geraldine’s grocery store a year ago, the Ludeman family built a new building that now houses Ludeman’s Country Market, The Home Cafe and Bar 34. I happened to notice a jelly jar of chokecherry jelly on the counter of the Home Cafe – my weakness! It didn’t take long for the story to be told. … Read more

Scenic Drive East of Great Falls

I was on the road yesterday, headed to the small community of Geraldine. My departure from Great Falls was early, mostly because I had tons of work to get done but it also gave me the best photography light of the day. Just a few miles east of Great Falls I turned on to the Highwood Road. It’s harvest and haying time so I noticed more traffic than usual, which still isn’t much! The sunlight was hitting … Read more

Conrad Museum Features Hutterite Display

Yesterday I was in Conrad, Montana and learned that the Pondera Historical Museum there had put together a new exhibit about Hutterites. Hutterite colonies are frequently seen as you are driving Montana’s roadways and when you see Hutterite people you recognize them by their dress. Women and girls wear ankle-length dresses with aprons and their hair is covered with a scarf. Their clothing is handmade at the colony. Men and boys wear black trousers (usually you’ll see black suspenders … Read more

Rodeo Returns to Cascade, MT

After a 30-year plus absence, rodeo returned to Cascade, Montana this weekend. A hard-working group created an arena – they plowed a pasture, put up a fence, placed bleachers…this was an effort that started literally with a blank canvas and produced fine results. This was my four year old granddaughter’s first rodeo and she was rather cautious and curious about all of the cowpies we saw as we walked from the parking pasture. Yes, three weeks ago … Read more