Fort Benton is a Model T Mecca

If you didn’t realize that the Montana Model T 500 was happening in Fort Benton last week you’d think you had stepped back in time! The group is a touring association – no keeping these beauties hidden. They have actual road races and the vehicle has to be authentic. To prove the authenticity of the vehicle, the top three race winners have their engines examined to make sure they didn’t put some high-revving parts on in an … Read more

More Pictographs Than I’ve Ever Seen

A week ago I had the chance to tour Bear Gulch Pictographs southeast of Lewistown. I’d heard about Bear Gulch and had been on their website but it’s still hard to know just what to expect. The drive from Lewistown, the geographic center of Montana, was about 28 miles. We drove past Pine Meadows Golf Course and followed Spring Creek for awhile. When we got to the the Y, we veered left towards Forest Grove. … Read more

Annual Kids’ Fishing Day

I was up very early the first Saturday in June and picked up my four year old granddaughter. We left Great Falls on US Hwy 87 and pointed the car towards Chinook, site of the First Annual Chinook Rod & Gun Club Kids’ Fishing Day. Some people would ask why I didn’t take her to the Kids’ Fishing Day a couple miles outside of Great Falls. The answer – my brother was the main organizer … Read more

Stand Up Paddling Near Great Falls – Calm, Serene, Peaceful

Gosh, you can’t come up with enough adjectives to describe stand up paddling! I was not doing the stand up thing, instead I was in a motorized boat getting photos and videos of our two happy volunteers, Chris and Beth from Bighorn Outdoor Specialists in Great Falls. Our weather had been changing – typical spring weather where we have beautiful, calm mornings and afternoons. Then late afternoon we seem to get wind picking up and … Read more

Cattle Drive a Success

Well, the rain continued during the rest of the cattle drive. I decided it created a pretty atmosphere and I’m sure the cows and horses were glad it wasn’t too hot. I thought the grass was lush although some of the cowboys said it wasn’t nearly as tall as it had been in previous years. This photo shows the cattle and riders coming down a dirt road, not too far from the corrals where they … Read more

Getting Ready To Move Cattle

Moving cattle around is part of ranch life. Sometimes it’s just from pasture to pasture so the grass doesn’t get eaten too short. Other times it’s to get cattle out of hot summer weather so they are moved to higher ground. No matter the reason, it is a fun day when you see the herd moving along with riders on horseback behind. There is usually a dog too – in these parts is is probably a … Read more