A Quick Tour of Brady

Last weekend I was waiting to meet someone who had a late start so I decided to take the Brady exit off I-15 that I always had planned to take one day when I had time. Yes, it took me several years to find the time! Our weather was pretty fickle that day – sunny skies one minute, clouds the next, followed by short-lived flurries of snowflakes. Brady sits on the west side of I-15 about 45 miles north … Read more

Carter River Ferry In For the Season

This morning I got up early, packed my video camera and regular camera, and out the door I went. My destination – 5 miles beyond Carter, Montana, a small town about 25 miles north of Great Falls on US Hwy 87. It was dark when I left but the sun was about ready to turn in to a full blown sunrise and my camera was handy. I was not disappointed. In fact, I turned on … Read more

I Do Love Coffee Shops

After a morning of birdwatching at Freezout Lake between Fairfield and Choteau, Montana I drove to Choteau and stopped at The Meeting Grounds cafe. It was chilly, heck, it was downright cold because I hadn’t dressed right! A hot beverage was just what I needed. I’m not a coffee snob but I like to think I’m a coffee purist! I don’t like anything mixed in my coffee – just fresh roasted, fresh ground coffee brewed … Read more