Looking For Art?

I stopped in to the Basin Trading Post in Stanford, Montana the other day. It’s a great coffee and cinnamon roll stop (yes, I travel with my tummy in mind) and I was ready for some java and breakfast. While the gal at the deli/cafe in the trading post was getting my order ready I wandered through the building. The Basin Trading Post is a mini-mall on Stanford’s main street. As you walk in, the first businesses you see are … Read more

Breakfast Worth Driving For

Last week I was lucky to have breakfast at Eddie’s Corner, literally a corner at the junction of US Hwy 191 and 87. We had stayed in Lewistown and planned to do some touring in the area. Eddie’s Corner was a perfect stop, just about 15 or 20 minutes from Lewistown. Eddie’s Corner has been there over 50 years. It really began as a truck stop and today it offers fuel, showers for truckers, overnight … Read more

Touring Harvest Moon Brewery

Harvest Moon Brewery is located in the small town of Belt, MT. They were the area’s first new brewery in a long time. Many years ago there was a brewery in Great Falls but it has been closed for quite some time. The first brew developed at Harvest Moon was Beltian White…note that it is Beltian, not Belgian, since it is named after the town (Belt) where the brewery is located. Following Beltian White which … Read more

Catching Rainbows

I had a chance to tag along with a fly fisherman to Bear Paw Lake south of Havre recently. The lake is located in Beaver Creek Park, a 17 mile long, one mile wide park. As you drive the paved road through the park you see numerous campgrounds and picnic shelters on each side – a recreationist’s mecca with easy access. It was about 5pm and we were starting to feel some cool fall temps. … Read more

Heading to the Honker Hilton

There is a sizeable batch of geese and a couple of swans who call the pond at Gibson Park in Great Falls their home. At least for the summer. As colder weather begins to move in, Great Falls Park and Recreation staff move the geese and swans indoors to what has been dubbed the “Honker Hilton”. Not all birds get treated so well! There was a whole lot of honkin’ going on this morning as crews began … Read more

Diverse Exhibits at Chinook’s Wildlife Museum

Chinook’s Wildlife Museum is a dream come true for many…a long dream. Plans began almost 20 years ago and fundraising started then too. It was a big dream for a small town. The building housing the Wildlife Museum is a former movie theater. And yes, I spent many a Saturday afternoon going to the movies there! It became home to a video rental business after the theater closed. Then, the Wildlife Museum organizers gave it new life as … Read more

Fascinated With Model Trains

As I toured the Frank DeRosa Railroad Museum in downtown Havre last week, the receptionist there told me about the model train club that sets up in their lower level. I’ve been to the Railroad Museum several times and I had never heard about the model train folks. Well, it was my lucky day because three of the club members were there “working” on trains. Let’s also call that “playing” with trains. Two guys and one lady … Read more

Touring Chinook’s Blaine County Museum

The other day I visited Chinook’s Blaine County Museum. I’ve been there many times and each time I find something else that gets on to my “favorites” list. We began with the impressive multi-media presentation titled “40 Miles From Freedom”, a flash back in history to a time when the US Cavalry had an effort to round up all Native Americans and put them on reservations. I get such a sad feeling every time I … Read more

Pheasant Hunting In Montana

OK, I’m going to do some whining right off the bat here! I had envisioned a crisp fall day, bright sunshine and basically a great day out of the office in search of some wily pheasants. The first thing I did was look out the window and that “slight chance” of precipitation that the weatherman predicted had already come true. In Montana we know better than to complain about moisture so I decided I would try to … Read more

Riding Motorcycles Through Beaver Creek Park

It didn’t take long to talk some avid Harley Davidson motorcycle owners in to taking a ride today. There may not be many more great riding days and these guys (and gals) were eager to take advantage of the open roads, medium temps (high of 65 today) and no moisture or wind. We met at the BW Great Northern Inn in Havre. Our first “group pose” was by the hotel’s sign. There was another motorcycle parked there … Read more