A River Runs Under It

When I was in Lewistown, Montana last week I stopped in to the Montana Tavern on Main Street. Their outdoor neon sign really captures the title of this blog – a river really does run under this tavern! Spring Creek, which many local Montana fishermen know as an awesome fishing creek, runs near and through the town. The Montana Tavern folks have cut a hole in the floor of the tavern in one corner and built … Read more

Lunch at Brooks Market

Last week I was in Lewistown and timed my first stop around noon at Brooks Market. Brooks Market is easy to find – located on the corner of Main Street and 2nd Street in a beautiful building. When you first walk in you’ll see one wall devoted entirely to wine – wine that you won’t find at the typical grocery store outlet. It’s fun just to read the labels on some of these bottles! There were probably eight people … Read more

Another Get Lost Billboard

I was on my way to Lewistown from Great Falls last Friday and as I was cruising along US Hwy 87 I saw this Get Lost billboard painted on the Prairie Past Museum’s building in Stanford. No, I didn’t come to a screeching halt but I made a mental note to stop on my way back later that day and get the photo. It’s very visible as you cruise through Central Montana – truly one … Read more

Love the Scenery

When our tourism researchers ask people what they like to do on their Montana vacation one item that usually is mentioned is “driving for pleasure”. Open roads, beautiful big sky, very little traffic and stunning scenic vistas – hey, you can’t beat that! I was on US Hwy 87 the other day just a bit west of Raynesford and I couldn’t help it – I watched for a pull-out, stopped there and took this photo. In … Read more

Farmers Market – More Than Veggies

OK, let’s set the record straight. I went to the Farmers Market in Great Falls tonight and I DID buy vegetables. But, the Fudge Lady was there and well, you know the rest of the story! This platter is what Alma Winberry, The Fudge Lady, calls fudge shooters. I didn’t sample them but gosh, they sure looked yummy. And, what a colorful photo! Farmers markets are held every Saturday morning in downtown Great Falls and … Read more

Spiffing Things Up

I was driving across town in Great Falls today and went through the First Avenue North underpass. The walls of the underpass have been painted in years past but they were sorely in need of a little spiffing up. The downtown Business Improvement District realized the need, offered a prize for the top design submitted, artists were selected and the project is now underway…in the underpass. I parked my car by the Children’s Museum and walked down to … Read more

Perennial Rootsfest Held in Great Falls

Forde Nursery in Great Falls was the site of Friday night’s 3rd Perennial Rootsfest. Note the word perennial in the name – this event is held at a nursery and annual would be a misnomer! Carrie Rodriquez headlined the show and Peter Karp and Sue Foley also performed. Rodriquez, an Austin, TX native, is a singer/songwriter/musician who wows crowds with her vocals and instrumental skills. She studied violin in younger years and can turn out some amazing music. The setting at … Read more

Step Back In Time

Fort Benton’s Ag Museum (technically called the State of Montana’s Museum of the Northern Great Plains) is truly a step back in time. During a visit to the museum you will travel in time from 1908 through 1980 – three generations of farming in Central Montana. The building is massive (30,000 square feet) and, if you are planning a stop in Fort Benton while on a Montana vacation, my advice is to allow plenty of … Read more

Five After Five

Some folks will say it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Well, Fort Benton’s Chouteau County courthouse has been a step ahead of Jimmy Buffet for quite awhile. For many years it really was 5:05 in Fort Benton all the time! When the stately courthouse was built money was too tight to put a clock on the clock tower. A painting of a clock was put there and the hands were positioned at 5:05. Local artist Brian Morger did a stunning painting of … Read more

Moccasins and Cactus – Ouch

In the Lewis & Clark journals you can read how members of the expedition had trouble with their moccasins. The soles wore out and some needed to be re-soled every two days. The cause was probably a combination of things – lots of walking on hard ground, vegetation and cactus, known more scientifically as prickly pear. The great plains of Montana can provide some challenging terrain for walking. As the Lewis & Clark expedition portaged the series … Read more