Unique Products at Montana Marketplace

This morning I attended the Montana Marketplace at the convention center in the Mansfield Center for the Performing Arts, downtown Great Falls. I woke up to snow, a hint that we may have winter this year after all! But, that little bit of moisture with our warm temps didn’t even slow down the excited exhibitors at the Montana Marketplace. I’ve attended the Montana Marketplace before but I visited with three people who were first-time attendees. All of them said, … Read more

Dinner at Pendroy’s Finest

Many people aren’t familiar with the community of Pendroy – it isn’t large by any stretch of your imagination and it probably tips the census count at about 25 people. The location is just off US Hwy 89 between the small communities of Bynum to the south and Dupuyer to the north. We stopped at The Rose Room in Pendroy, also known as Pendroy’s Finest, the other night for dinner. Our reservations (yes, we had … Read more

Snowy Day on the Rocky Mountain Front

Last week as several of us were exploring Choteau, we decided to head west of town on the Teton Road (newly paved, very smooth!). After almost 20 miles we crossed the Teton River and then started driving towards Teton canyon. Our first stop was at a BLM trailhead kiosk and rest area for hikers heading to Ear Mountain, one of the very visible mountains on the Front. It was starting to snow – after a morning of pure sunshine. A … Read more

Good Times in Choteau

Four of us traveled northwest of Great Falls on US 89 last week. Our first stop was in Choteau. We met Al Wiseman, a local Metis, who works tirelessly to keep the history of this mixed blood race alive. Outside the Old Trail Museum (open seasonally Memorial Day – Labor Day) there is a replica of one of the Red River carts that many Metis used to carry their belongings. Quite a few Metis settled in … Read more

Chuck Fulcher – One Talented Fellow

I suppose it depends on how or when you meet Chuck Fulcher to determine what comes to mind first when you hear his name. For me, I first think of him as a talented designer. Whether it’s a 24 page booklet depicting Charlie Russell’s paintings or a gift certificate, Chuck’s talent in design and layout comes through. Some would think Chuck’s greatest talent is in his artwork. Funky (think blue cows) and pretty paintings (pastoral scenics … Read more

Bowser Brewing Opens in Great Falls

Last night I set aside some time to stop by Bowser Brewing Company located at 1826 10th Avenue South in Great Falls. They’ve been open a few weeks and I was curious to see their operation. They serve from 10am to 8pm. I visited with co-owner Evan Bowser and he explained that since they are a brewery they need to stop serving by 8pm. And there is a 48 ounce limit for each person which … Read more