Visiting With More Sportsmen

This past week Russell Country and the Great Falls Tourism BID attended the Washington Sportsmen Show in Puyallup, WA. I’ve finally figured out how to say the town name (Puyallup) but spelling it requires a quick double check. When we had a booth at the sportsmen show in Denver early January it seemed like we visited with more people interested in fishing, primarily fly fishing, but we did have questions about all types of fishing … Read more

Metis History Stays Alive

A week ago the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls hosted Choteau area Metis Al Wiseman. This free afternoon session at the Center had 98 people attend and learn about Metis culture. Metis are a mixed blood race dating back to when European fur trappers moved West. Many took Native American wives and their descendants developed a mixed culture – combining both European and Native American traditions. The first time I met Al … Read more

Luring Sportsmen to the Region

Sportsmen – hunters, fishermen, hikers, motorcyclers and more – are a diverse group, and we welcome them to our 13 counties in north central Montana. Russell Country recently attended the International Sportsmen’s Expo in Denver, CO and interest in visiting the region was strong. On day one I thought I had a good summary of who the attendee at the sportsman show was – I determined it was fishermen. Well, we were located right by … Read more