Two More Montana Bale Trail Photos

It’s difficult to limit this to just two more Montana Bale Trail photos. This haybale entry in the What The Hay contest was titled Marg-hay-ritaville and it showed three beverages, all different colors. Every year when I drive the What The Hay route during the Montana Bale Trail event I am amazed at the cre-hay-tivity with the entries. This entry would have required some scupting and possibly some welding to get the stands for the … Read more

A Unique Event in North Central Montana

The Montana Bale Trail – What The Hay event happens every year the first Sunday after Labor Day. I’m late showing photos for the 2011 event but they are still just as good! The event was started as a joke between two ranchers and now there are over 50 decorated haybale entries that line the paved route between the rural towns of Hobson, Utica and Windham in central Montana. I’m not sure the exact length … Read more

C M Russell Museum – Always Impressive

I wouldn’t even venture to guess how many times I have been to the C. M. Russell Museum in Great Falls. Every time I visit the Russell I seem to learn something more about this amazing cowboy artist. Right now my favorite exhibit is The Bison: An American Icon. This photo shows the centerpiece of the exhibit but there are many other notable features. When you enter the exhibit you hear the thunder of bison hooves and it feels like the floor is vibrating … Read more

Pretty Photos of Giant Springs

When we were at Giant Springs State Park the other day I took several photos of the spring. The water bubbling up from the freshwater spring (156 million gallons a day) is at a constant temperature of about 55 degrees year round. That temperature seems to make the park a cool respite on a hot summer day. During winter, that temp will help create some of the most beautiful frost that you’ve ever seen. Obviously, this … Read more

We Visit Giant Springs State Park

When I say “we” visit Giant Springs State Park it means that I and about 40 people on a bus went to this highly visited park the other day. Giant Springs is located just east of Great Falls right on the Missouri River. Named for the bubbling freshwater springs, this area was noted by Capt. William Clark (of Lewis & Clark fame). He wrote in his journal “the largest fountain or spring I ever saw”. Giant … Read more

White Sulphur Springs Ranger Station

When I was in White Sulphur Springs the other day I stopped by the district ranger office which is conveniently located right in town. The Lewis & Clark National Forest is huge and there are several ranger stations throughout the forest. Besides having maps and regulations they have people out in the forest periodically so they typically have up to date trail conditions. Archery season had just closed and general rifle big game season (primarily deer hunting … Read more

Fall Drive Along The Kings Hill Scenic Byway

Just a couple days ago I was driving to a meeting in White Sulphur Springs. My camera was right beside me and I hoped to get a glimpse of some fall foliage. I was traveling on the Kings Hill Scenic Byway, a 71 mile stretch of US Hwy 89. The scenic byway runs from about 25 miles east of Great Falls to just a couple miles before White Sulphur Springs. When you travel the byway … Read more

Kings Hill Scenic Byway – More Photos

As I traveled the Kings Hill Scenic Byway between Great Falls and White Sulphur Springs the other day I probably stopped a dozen times. I was able to take advantage of different light and conditions for the trip there and the trip back. Each time I stopped my camera came out! This photo is about midway on the scenic byway. Belt Creek follows along much of US Hwy 89 and if I had worn better shoes, I may … Read more

Van Oil – Wonderful Service

Let’s set the stage – I was driving a rental vehicle and had been over some rough roads. As I approached White Sulphur Springs a message appeared on my dashboard telling me one of the vehicle’s tires was low. Groan – I don’t like dealing with tires and I had passengers and other things to do. We checked in to the All Seasons Inn and Suites, had dinner and I decided I would deal with the issue … Read more

Our Final Golf Outing

Whew – this golf trek has been long, exhausting, and a bunch of fun! Our final 9 hole game was played at Signal Point Golf Course overlooking the town of Fort Benton and the Missouri River. Local golfer Bruce Bramlette joined us for our final outing and here’s a photo of him teeing off. Signal Point has elevated greens (notice that I am learning the lingo). You can see the elevation pretty good in this photo and … Read more