Blue Angels Put On A Show

The United States Navy’s Blue Angels flight team put on quite a show in Great Falls, MT today. The event, dubbed “Flight Over The Falls” began around noon and ended around 4pm. Tomorrow’s schedule is the same. The Blue Angels are part of a two-day free airshow hosted by the MT Air National Guard and Malmstrom Air Force Base. Viewing stations for the airshow are at Gore Hill – where the Great Falls International Airport is located and … Read more

Fort Benton’s Lewis & Clark Statue

I was in Fort Benton the other day and took a stroll along their river levee. You could stop and take photos of things on or near the levee about every 10 feet. Great photo ops! This statue of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Sacajawea and Baby Pomp (Jean Baptiste) has always been a favorite of mine. It is displayed higher than ground level so it really has an impressive appearance. And, it’s the only Lewis & Clark … Read more

Beautiful Canoes – A Work of Art

Scott Enloe of Scott’s Boat Works recently had an exhibit at a master craftsmen show. I visited with him about his beautiful canoes. He uses a variety of wood – cedar (stunning cedar strips), cherry, walnut and mahogany. There are several sizes and you’ll see beautiful wood inlays on them. Another unique feature you may not expect…cupholders for that morning cup of java as you paddle along serene waters, or to hold an evening beverage … Read more

Lewis & Clark Portage With A View

Just a couple miles south of Great Falls is an area set aside where the Lewis & Clark expedition completed their portage and rejoined the Missouri River. The views are stunning since the landscape is still pretty wide open. You can see the Little Belt Mountains in the background and rolling plains in front. Ironically, there are homes with small acreage all throughout this area. The Missouri River would be on the right of this photo, … Read more

Pull Hard – We’re Going Upstream

As you work your way though the exhibits at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls, MT you’ll come to a replica of a boat with a rope hanging out of it. The Center is designed to be interactive so it’s a great opportunity to “test your strength”. I found out that if I was pulling this boat upstream, I’d be looking at the same stretch of riverbank for quite a while! The … Read more

The Last Dancer

I just can’t resist showing one more dancer from the Two Medicine Dancers who performed at the Lewis & Clark Festival in Great Falls, MT. A grass dancer doesn’t wear a bustle like the chicken dancer, just plenty of fringe to give the feeling of moving grass. There is lots of motion when he dances, even with his headdress. It’s hard to see, but the headdress he is holding in his left hand has deer … Read more

Still Dancing

In this photo you see a side view of a young dancer performing the ladies traditional dance. She has a fully beaded cape with buckskin fringe and also fully beaded leggings. Care to guess how much it weighs?? Well, try 65 pounds. This dance demonstration was inside in an air conditioned room but you won’t find that at most traditional pow wows. The ones I have attended have all been outdoors in warm summer weather. You can’t see … Read more

More Dancing

I really like these photos of the Two Medicine Dancers at the annual Lewis & Clark Festival in Great Falls. This photo shows the dress worn for the jingle dance. The dress is contemporary in style and the cone-shaped metal decorations made from chewing tobacco lids really do create a jingle sound, even when the dancer is just walking. There is also a lot of beadwork on this dress in addition to a fully beaded … Read more

Captivated by the Two Medicine Dancers

During this year’s annual Lewis & Clark festival in Great Falls, MT the Two Medicine Dancers  performed twice. Most of the dancers were from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation northwest of Great Falls – right next to the east entrance to Glacier National Park. Several of us went to their first performance at 2pm only to find out that most seating was taken. I ended up standing in the very back of the theater at the Lewis & … Read more

A Visit to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center

The Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls, MT has been operated by the US Forest Service for the past 13 years. As we drove in to the Center’s parking lot the other day I was very impressed with the landscaping – particularly the beautiful blue flax that was in full bloom. Landscaping surrounding the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center was done in a unique way. When excavation for the building was done, any seeds … Read more