Montana Winter Fair-Quilt Show

It’s called the Montana Winter Fair and it will take place in several areas of Lewistown, MT this coming weekend. But, judging for the quilt show portion of the winter fair has already happened. This quilt was so unique and I decided it would be a fun one to use in my blog. And, as you can see, it has a top prize pinned to it! About 35 quilts were entered in the quilt competition. Quilts are displayed at … Read more

History Museum Features Glacier Exhibit

Two exhibits at The History Museum in Great Falls, MT are related – one is of trains and specifically the Great Northern Railroad, the other is of Glacier National Park whose existence would have been vastly different if the railroad had not come through the area. The railroad follows closely along US Highway 2 and pretty much skirts the southern border of Glacier. I love seeing the Great Northern memorabilia, especially the mountain goat. Jim … Read more

Podium From JFK Visit at Great Falls History Museum

When US President John F. Kennedy visited Great Falls, Montana many years ago, the podium from which he spoke was saved and given to the City. As time rolled on, it was stored, then taken out of storage and donated to The History Museum. It proudly bears the United States presidential seal and has several special construction features outlined by Kennedy’s secret service detail. Jim Meinert, executive director at The History Museum, touted details of the special … Read more

Buffalo Hide at The History Museum

One very prominent display I saw at The History Museum in Great Falls the other day was very captivating. The tanned buffalo hide certainly tells a story, many stories in fact. It’s a beautiful way to depict Native American ways of communication, storytelling and expression. Jim Meinert, executive director of The History Museum, pointed our different designs on the displayed hide. There is also a nice display of arrowheads, or points, used for harvesting the … Read more

Full Court Quest – Montana Basketball History

At The History Museum in Great Falls you can see a very unique display of the Fort Shaw, MT all Indian girls basketball team. In the early 1900’s there was an Indian boarding school at Fort Shaw, Montana. Writers Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith researched not only the school, but the Indian girls basketball team that was formed there. Ultimately, this basketball team went on to play at the 1904 World’s Fair held in St. … Read more

Checking Out The History Museum

Today I had a meeting at Great Falls’ History Museum. It was a great opportunity to tour the museum and check out some of their updated displays. The History Museum building was originally built as an implement dealership. The back of the building has an old freight elevator and some pretty impressive loading docks. To honor their beginning, an old tractor is displayed next to the freight elevator. The street where The History Museum is … Read more

Great Weather for Art Walk

The monthly First Friday Art Walk in Great Falls this weekend had great weather, perfect for strolling along Central Avenue. We decided to stop first at one location we had never been to, Studio 706, about three blocks off Central. It’s a small house with most of the furniture removed, and it worked great to showcase several local artists. From Studio 706, we started our way down Central Avenue, stopping first at Ben Chovanak’s new Uptown Gallery. I … Read more

Great Falls’ Tenth Street Bridge

What once was a Great Falls, MT bridge that was taken for granted has now become a sight to behold! During this past holiday season it seemed like I was out more after dark, yes, doing shopping, and I had a chance to see these blue lights several times. I’ll be honest, I didn’t take this photo. I have tried to shoot photos of the bridge when the blue lights are on and they turn … Read more