More Quilt Shops

I’ve been out and about visiting a few of the quilt shops on Russell Country’s quilting trail, camera in tow! What a day-brightener to stop in and visit these beautifully decorated shops. The Quilt-Away, located in Great Falls, was recently selected by Better Homes & Gardens as one of the top 10 quilt shops in the United States. That’s pretty impressive! I visited with Toni when I was there and also bought a copy of the magazine featuring their … Read more

Food – Wonderful Food

Now, I’ve been known to rave about food and that’s just what I plan to do here! Several friends and I recently dined at the Union Grille located in the Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton, MT. Oh my, what a treat. It was a chilly evening and we were a bit late for our dinner reservations, and we were hungry and tired. The wonderful ambience of the dining room soon began to mellow our attitudes and in … Read more

Visiting the Birthplace of Montana

I recently had an opportunity to visit Fort Benton and to tour the reconstructed fort. I’ve been there quite a few times but each time I go more work has been done to re-create life as it was when this fort was a bustling trading post. Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I’ve heard docents refer to this fort as the Walmart of the 1800’s. It’s a great way to explain things to visitors though. It was chilly outside and … Read more

An Awesome 50’s Diner

Hungry again? Yup, and we stopped in at Wolfer’s Diner in downtown Havre to take care of that. It was just a bit after noon and we needed to be at the Amtrak depot in about an hour to catch the eastbound train that leaves Havre at 1:32pm. I told our waiter our schedule and he said it wouldn’t be a problem. We were just a block and half away from the depot but sometimes a lunch crowd can … Read more

We’re Off To The Blaine County Wildlife Museum

There are two museums in Chinook, literally a stone’s throw apart. Our first stop was at the historical museum and then we wandered into the next block to the Blaine County Wildlife Museum. I can remember this building from many years ago because it was the local theater. It’s next use was as a video rental location and now it seems to have a perfect fit in showcasing Montana wildlife. The wildlife museum was in developmental … Read more

Chinook’s Blaine County Museum

Today we are cruising east on US Hwy 2 from Havre to Chinook. Our first stop is the Blaine County Museum. There are several notable themes at the musem – area homestead history, Chief Joseph and the Battle of the Bear Paw, and the Montana Dinosaur Trail. The Blaine County Museum serves as interim visitor center for the historic Bear Paw Battlefield 16 miles south of Chinook. Park ranger Stephanie Martin was on hand to … Read more

Wahkpa Chu’gn – Early Morning Tour

In an effort to squeeze in as much as possible for my friends who arrived recently on Amtrak, I scheduled an 8:15 am tour at Wahkpa Chu’gn bison kill site in Havre. Our first challenge was the weather -it had turned pretty chilly. Probably not out of line for the end of October but I wasn’t ready for it. The second challenge was a delay with Amtrak so I was rescheduling a couple of things. … Read more

Sundowner at Sage Safaris

When Sarah and Jake Dusek first told me about the Sundowners they were doing north of Havre I wasn’t sure what all it would entail. Patterned after an African-style event, a Sundowner is where you watch the sun set and enjoy beverages and finger foods. That sounded pretty good to me! We preceded the Sundowner with a game drive. Five of us and Jake traveled in his suburban around their farm in search of game. The … Read more

Still Underground in Havre

Our tour of Havre’s underground, named Havre Beneath the Streets, was a whirlwind due to some scheduling challenges. But, we all came away with some fun photos. This picture shows just how photo-happy we were! Everyone was snapping photos in the Sporting Eagle Saloon. The saloon is fairly large for a business underground. Havre Beneath the Streets organizers found several items when doing restoration work on the underground. One was a mirror, now hanging behind the bar. … Read more

Keeping The Railroad Theme

As soon as my friends arrived at the Havre Amtrak depot we scurried to the nearby Railroad Museum. It’s just two blocks from the depot so it’s very convenient, even if you don’t have transportation. We were going to try to squeeze in as much touring as possible that afternoon and what a fun place to start! You could literally stand in the middle of this museum and turn very slowly absorbing all of the memorabilia … Read more