Riding The Rails Through Montana

This week I met several travelers on Amtrak in Havre and spent a few days touring the area with them. They had been in northwestern Montana and I was ready to show them around northcentral Montana. First of all, I was a bit over eager in planning our itinerary. The eastbound train was scheduled to arrive in Havre at 1:15 pm but it was a couple hours late. That isn’t bad but I had lots of … Read more

Visit to The Quilting Hen

For those who don’t know, The Quilting Hen is an incredibly unique quilt shop located one mile north of Carter, MT. The location is…well…in the middle of a grain farm, and very easy to find. When I stopped in the other day there were several customers and the staff was scurrying. Once they took care of business we sat and talked about what makes this quilting shop unique. Certainly, the location, a mile off the highway. … Read more

Wonderful Fall Day in Winnett

First of all, thanks to Carol Ann Schaeffer in Winnett, Montana for sending these two beautiful photos. Three weeks ago I drove by Winnett enroute to a meeting in Sidney. I had a fair amount of miles to go and I didn’t take the turn in to Winnett. Now I can enjoy photos of the fall beauty that may have just been starting when I was there. Winnett is in Petroleum County and both of those names will usually … Read more

Scarecrow Photos – Almost Final!

I couldn’t let this photo go unpublished. The folks who staff the West Yellowstone Visitor Information Center take a trip each year to learn about an area of Montana that they aren’t familiar with. This year central Montana was their destination. When they realized there was a Scarecrow Festival in Stanford scheduled for the weekend of their trip they began to think about doing an entry. And, how they  would transport it from West Yellowstone to Stanford. … Read more

Final Scarecrow Photos

It’s fun doing a blog when you have a ton of photos to share! Let’s keep looking at all of the scarecrows from Stanford MT’s Scarecrow Festival. Here’s a scarecrow witch done by, of all places, the local beauty shop!           Well, if the beauty shop does a scarecrow it’s only fair that the local barber shop does one too! This guy looks like he could use a haircut or possibly … Read more

More Scarecrow Photos

I couldn’t resist taking photos of just about all of the Scarecrow Festival entries in Stanford last Saturday. I had tossed the idea around to do an entry, then struggled with what to do. It is amazing how people come up with these ideas. This entry was at the Judith Basin Press, Stanford’s weekly newspaper. The scarecrow is obviously a reporter/photographer and I liked it. To top it off, the entire side of the building was … Read more

A Scarecrow Festival in Stanford

This morning I drove to Stanford for their annual Scarecrow Festival. I had never been to it before so I didn’t know what to expect. As I turned into town from US Hwy 87 I saw that even their “Welcome to Stanford” sign was decorated for fall. Stanford is a small Montana town, about 400 people. Area ranches dot the landscape in what is known as the Judith Basin. The most prominent feature in the … Read more

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center Visit

The journalist from the United Kingdom I recently hosted was eager to visit Great Falls’ Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. I wondered if he was familiar with US history or just wanted to learn about the area. It didn’t take long to answer my question when we got inside the Lewis & Clark center. Jeff LaRock from the center’s management team met us at the Compass Rose area in the lobby for an overview of the expedition. The beautifully … Read more

Firearms Collection at Russell Museum

Several years ago the Browning Firearms Collection was tucked away in the basement in a far corner of the C. M. Russell Museum in Great Falls, MT. Now it’s one of the first installations you see after you leave the reception desk in the lobby. The other day I had a chance to visit and marvel at the display one more time. The firearms collection is part of the Russell’s permanent collection and I really … Read more

Russell Museum Impresses Journalist

One of the best parts of my job is escorting journalists around north central Montana. We recently hosted someone from the United Kingdom who had never been to Montana before. He had spent some time at a Montana guest ranch right before coming to Great Falls so he was thinking cowboy! Our visit to the C. M. Russell Museum romanticized his view of the cowboy lifestyle even more. Charlie Russell came to Montana when he was just … Read more